Affinis Culture: It’s not all about being on the list.

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It’s not all about being on the list.

Affinis has been named a Best Firm to Work For in Civil Engineering by CE News for six of the past eight years. The “Best Firms to Work For” award is determined by nomination, application, and an anonymous survey of our co-workers. All aspects are important, but one of the most valuable elements to Affinis is the candid feedback we receive from our co-workers. These results allow us to take a hard look at ourselves and evaluate how we meet the needs and expectations of all co-workers on a wide range of topics.

What makes a firm a “Best Firm” to work for? Is it the compensation and benefits, working hours, office location, latest and greatest software and hardware? Is it job security? Is it co-worker freedom, mentoring, company sponsored events, work/life balance? Is it the people? Or is it the culture, philosophy, and values we hold in common?

Each one of us has different priorities. Some look for short-term high-gain rewards as they push to establish a career foot-hold. Others look for a balance in their life as they pursue long-term goals and career growth. And yet others seek to maintain their established position and contribute to the growth of the firm and others. While priorities may differ, culture remains. The common thread among our team is our commitment to our values.

Affinis’s values (balance, collaboration, excellence, servant leadership, and trustworthiness) are what guide us in all aspects of our business. We boil down our values based approach with the idea ‘does this “make life easier” for our co-workers, clients, and colleagues?’ Decision-making, recruiting, project priorities, client relations—they are all guided by us going back to our values to determine how we best serve others while meeting the business needs of our company.

So, while being named a “Best Firm” is an honor, it’s not why we apply each year. At Affinis, the CE News Best Firms process is about learning how we stack up with others in our industry; how our co-workers feel about the work we are doing and the culture we are creating; and continually learning how we can improve our culture and live our values. It’s truly an honor to be on the list, but for us, that’s just the start of living our vision to be the employer of choice.

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