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Last Friday, we hosted our annual “Pig Out” over lunch. At this event, we swap Superbowl predictions and catch up with one another. Aside from the great food, we asked three co-workers about their experience working at Affinis. Here’s what each one had to say:

What was your first impression of Affinis, and how has it changed?

“My first impression was that I really liked the people and the environment, but it can’t be true that it’s always this way. This has to be the ‘honeymoon phase,’ but what I have come to learn and love is that everyone here is pulling for the person next to them. This is truly a company where everyone is working happily together to achieve the same goals. Affinis is the unicorn everyone hopes to find,” said Lee Baer, EI, Traffic Engineer.


You’ve worked for Affinis for a number of years. What has made you stay for so long?

“I use to think working at a place for over 20 years made you experienced. Yet, I’m amazed at all the co-workers who have been here just as long or close to it. I relish in the thought that each and every day is still one of new experiences and learning. An individual never becomes experienced, rather they become more dynamic. To see that makes me always appreciative of the opportunities and reaffirms my decision to stay with such a great firm,” said Troy Depperschmidt, CET, Senior Designer.


How is Affinis different than previous places you worked?

“Team environment is the core of Affinis. Co-workers’ input is not only welcome but truly taken into consideration. I’ve never worked for a company where executive leadership cares so deeply about the co-workers and values their input. There is a strong moral compass that begins at the top. Affinis is just a wonderful place to work, and I’m so glad to be a part of the team,” said Kathy Minnick, Controller.



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