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We’re pleased to share John Spell, a project engineer at Affinis, passed his PE exam. In a recent interview, we asked him why he pursued the certification and how he prepared for the test. Find the answers to these questions, as well as a few others, below:


Why did you pursue the PE?
I started working in 2007 as a CAD Drafter. I saw the respect and responsibility that came with the PE stamp and set a goal for myself. I ended up going back to school at the University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC) in 2011. Then, I got my PE in 2019. It’s been a long journey.


What did you do to prepare?
I spent a few months reviewing the basics. As I got closer to crunch time, I sequestered myself in a hotel in Topeka, Kansas for three days. There’s nothing like a deadline to help get things done.

What advice would you give to someone who’s getting ready to take the PE?
The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) offers an online course that was really helpful. The Civil Engineering Reference Manual (CERM) study guide is necessary, but the Lindeburg practice problems were more complicated than necessary. I was surprised by how straight forward the actual test problems were.

Why do you think becoming a PE is important?
I really appreciate the time and educational investment that goes into getting the PE. Licensure is a long series of hurdles, but I feel that the future of infrastructure is in good hands.

How did Affinis support you in this?
Affinis has been a big supporter of career growth from the beginning. They have provided tuition reimbursement, flexible time schedule for classes, and covered costs for the FE and PE testing materials.

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