Construction Observation Partner Offers Scalability to Clients

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The Affinis construction observation team works with a number of companies in the field. Today, we’re excited to highlight one of our partners, Hg Consult, a full-service engineering and planning firm.

Our team has worked with Hg Consult for the last several years. During that time, we’ve overseen a variety of construction projects for the City of Kansas City, Missouri together. These have included roadways, bridges, arterial streets, and trails.

“Using trusted partners, like Hg Consult, allows our construction observation group to easily scale up or down and meet the needs of our clients. By keeping the lines of communication open, we are able to have our fingers on the pulse of multiple projects at once,” said John McCanless, Senior Project Representative at Affinis.

Working cohesively, our firms fill in periodically for one another and supplement resources as needed. This allows us to closely monitor our clients’ sites and make sure work standards are met. We do this by anticipating upcoming construction activities, communicating, and remaining flexible.

Typically, Hg Consult helps us perform Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) inspections on our projects. These checks are done weekly or after qualifying rain events. Hg Consult inspects the site for mud or debris that is leaving the area and adversely affecting adjacent properties or streams. They also make recommendations for corrective measures that may be needed.

In addition to roadway construction inspection, Hg Consult also performs pipe rehab and storm pipe installation inspections. They see communication and teamwork as the keys to their success.

When asked how they overcome challenges in the field, Mike Alexander, Project Manager at Hg Consult, had this to say, “We are very collaborative in our approach to construction observation. We respect the chain of command and go through the appropriate channels to resolve any issues.”

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