Survey & Field Services


Our survey team is often the first face of a project. This responsibility is not something we take lightly. We start by notifying residents we’ll be in their neighborhood and arriving with current surveying equipment and safe vehicles. With the capability to exchange data and messages instantly between the field and office, we’re able to maximize our time spent onsite and quickly confirm we’re gathering the necessary data.

Having the right tools helps us collect accurate data in a timely manner, but that’s just the beginning. Our survey team is regularly recognized for accuracy and thoroughness. We believe a design is only as great as the data behind it. By working directly with our engineers, we’re able to identify challenges related to the design of a project in advance. We also have a coworker who is dedicated to working with utility companies to locate existing lines. Our unified approach helps us reduce design conflicts and issues during construction.

Construction Observation
While our survey team is the first face of the project, our construction observation group is often the last. Our collaborative approach is one of our best assets, and it plays an important role in construction observation. Working closely with contractors helps us understand the information and materials they need to help make our clients’ projects successful.

Being a team player is important, but our expertise goes beyond that. Although we have great, first-hand experience, we think learning should continue beyond the job site. That’s why we encourage our team to expand their knowledge through courses and certifications. Our highly qualified team is KDOT certified, and most recently, we received certification to monitor and manage KDOT’s newly implemented stormwater compliance program.



  • Topographic surveys
  • Right-of-way surveys
  • Construction staking
  • Property descriptions for easements and rights-of-way
  • Property boundary surveys
  • Environmental documentation
  • Hydrographic surveys

Our Tools

  • Wireless communication between the office and field crews
  • GPS measuring equipment
  • Electronic levels
  • Robotic total stations
  • Electronic data collectors
  • AutoCAD
  • GeoPak Microstation

Construction Observation

  • Onsite construction material testing
  • Verification of material compliance with plans and specifications
  • Review of material submittals and shop drawings
  • Site inspections to verify erosion control effectiveness and perform periodic inspections as required by the project’s SWPPP
  • Maintain daily documentation and photographs of all activities performed on the job site
  • Accurate accounting of material quantities installed by contractor


  • Commercial and residential development
  • Residential and arterial streets
  • Storm and sanitary sewer additions and repairs
  • Traffic signal installation and programing
  • Retaining walls
  • Job site grading
  • Airport runway and taxiway construction


  • OSHA 30 hour safety certified
  • American Concrete Institute (ACI) field testing
  • Troxler certified
  • Kansas Department of Transportation Inspectors
  • Stormwater Compliance Program Manager and Inspector

The survey looked really good, by the way…..excellent work. It is nice to get a good survey again.

Don Baker, PE
President Water Resources Solutions