When designing highways, there are several keys to success. Our experienced team begins by analyzing the environment and considering the site’s constraints. We look at the existing buildings, drainage, and planned development, partnering closely with cities and Departments of Transportation to reach their goals.

With those factors in mind, we create solutions that increase safety and efficiency for the surrounding area. We have helped move communities forward by designing:

  • Interchanges.
  • Divided highways.
  • Widening highways.
  • Signal projects.
  • ITS, including ramp metering, highway lighting, and Digital Messaging System boards.

Affinis listened to the issues, from both MoDOT and the City of Grain Valley and then designed a successful project. They worked diligently to provide solutions to the project’s complex issues. Whenever we had an issue, whether it was in the design phase or post letting, they were always there to help make the project succeed.

Craig Holdeman
Transportation Project Designer, Missouri Department of Transportation

Affinis delivered a plan that works not only for us, but also the City of Parsons. One measure of its success is the city has already begun moving forward with projects outlined in the US-59 Access Management Plan.

Wayne Gudmonson, District IV Engineer
Kansas Department of Transportation

Public Engagement Strategies for Complex Projects

k-68 public engagement complex projects

For our public engagement series, we interviewed Affinis co-workers on strategies, best practices, and lessons learned. In the first installment, we’re sharing thoughts from Linda Rottinghaus, PE, ENV SP on complex projects. This post covers her recent work on K-68.


High Mast Lighting with KDOT


We’re partnered with the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) on several highway lighting projects. Together, we replaced existing, weathering steel poles before they became a hazard to the public. These high mast poles are placed strategically to light interchanges and surrounding intersections. This is done to improve visibility and ultimately safety.


Transportation Engineering

Designing streets, thoroughfares, highways, and traffic projects is a balancing act at which our team excels. Skilled at gaining stakeholder support, we are able to strike an important balance of working with clients, the public, and utilities. Our ability to clearly communicate our designs and the rationale behind them has helped us create positive working relationships with city, county, and state agencies, as well as utilities.

Water Resources

Designing stormwater improvements is a collaborative effort. It begins with our internal team of experienced professionals and typically involves partnerships with clients, utilities, and residents. We continue to earn repeat work from many municipalities, because we are skilled at minimizing the impact of our designs and the need for future maintenance

Federal Services

Committed to excellence, our experienced team offers a full suite of civil engineering services. We have the ability to take civil engineering projects from start to finish. With just a few points of contact, our project communication is streamlined to make our federal clients’ lives easier.

Site Development

Considered a trusted partner by our clients, we understand the intricacies of properly developing a site. Whether we are working with an area that is partially developed or untouched, we have experience designing plans that maximize your land.

Survey & Field Services

Often the first face of a project, our team considers themselves to be an on-site representation of our clients. Having the right tools helps us collect data accurately and quickly. With the capability to exchange data and messages instantly between the field and office, we’re able to capitalize our time spent onsite. In addition to survey services we offer construction inspection with KDOT certified inspectors to offer quality control on-site.

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