For over 30 years, Affinis has worked with levee districts to keep communities safe. By acting as the chief engineer for a local district, we have learned what it takes to operate and maintain a levee. This hands-on experience helps our team provide turnkey service to our clients. Some of our levee engineering services include:

  • Levee periodic inspections
  • Creation of O& M manuals
  • Pump station inspections, assessments, and design
  • Relief well design
  • Stability analysis
  • Seepage analysis

As our chief engineer, Affinis responded quickly to our requests. Jason’s relationships with the Kansas City District and knowledge of L-385 has been extremely beneficial.

Ben Drake
General Manager, Riverside Quindaro Bend Levee District

USACE Protects 27,000 Residences with Large Scale Levee Raise


In 1993, flooding caused water to reach to top of the levees in Kansas City. To protect businesses and residences from future floods, the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has embarked on the process of raising 60 miles of levees along the Kansas river, as well as a small section of the Missouri river. These changes will impact 27,000 residences and 100,000 jobs.


City of Leavenworth and Levee District Protect Residents with Flood Flight Plan

flooding leavenworth levees

Flood season officially happens between April 1 and August 1, but things got started earlier this year with rain and snowmelt contributing to river water raises in Mid-March. Two of our clients, the City of Leavenworth, Kansas and Riverside Quindaro Bend Levee District (RQBLD) have already taken measures to protect their communities and prevent flooding. Last month, we worked closely with both entities to prepare for heavy rains, which impacted parts of the metro area.


Transportation Engineering

Designing streets, thoroughfares, highways, and traffic projects is a balancing act at which our team excels. Skilled at gaining stakeholder support, we are able to strike an important balance of working with clients, the public, and utilities. Our ability to clearly communicate our designs and the rationale behind them has helped us create positive working relationships with city, county, and state agencies, as well as utilities.

Water Resources

Designing stormwater improvements is a collaborative effort. It begins with our internal team of experienced professionals and typically involves partnerships with clients, utilities, and residents. We continue to earn repeat work from many municipalities, because we are skilled at minimizing the impact of our designs and the need for future maintenance

Federal Services

Committed to excellence, our experienced team offers a full suite of civil engineering services. We have the ability to take civil engineering projects from start to finish. With just a few points of contact, our project communication is streamlined to make our federal clients’ lives easier.

Site Development

Considered a trusted partner by our clients, we understand the intricacies of properly developing a site. Whether we are working with an area that is partially developed or untouched, we have experience designing plans that maximize your land.

Survey & Field Services

Often the first face of a project, our team considers themselves to be an on-site representation of our clients. Having the right tools helps us collect data accurately and quickly. With the capability to exchange data and messages instantly between the field and office, we’re able to capitalize our time spent onsite. In addition to survey services we offer construction inspection with KDOT certified inspectors to offer quality control on-site.

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