At Affinis, we have the talent and expertise in-house to take your traffic project from start to finish. Developing concepts and analyzing alternatives to create cost-effective designs is something we do very well. Our traffic team is skilled at analyzing data in existing and proposed conditions and then, developing geometric and system improvements to increase safety and expedite traffic.

Whether we’re completing studies or designing solutions, our traffic engineering team looks for ways to make our client and the public’s lives easier with effective design.

The City of Leawood needed the signal design at 133rd and Roe fast tracked. Affinis delivered quality plans in six weeks and provided excellent communication throughout the process.

David Ley, PE
Public Works Director, City of Leawood

Pedestrian Safety


The City of Prairie Village wanted to improve driver and pedestrian safety on Somerset Drive between Nall Avenue and Roe Avenue. We helped them achieve each of their goals while adding value to this area. Read more about how we helped improve safety, eliminate driver confusion and provide pedestrian access.


Affinis Talent

2014 CoWorker Photo

We have a talented group of co-workers at Affinis with wide-ranging interests. It’s one of the biggest reasons we enjoy working here and why so many of our clients turn to us year after year. Now, you can learn a little more about each of us in the About Us section of the website. Discover how we spend time both in and out of the office.


Transportation Engineering

Designing streets, thoroughfares, highways, and traffic projects is a balancing act at which our team excels. Skilled at gaining stakeholder support, we are able to strike an important balance of working with clients, the public, and utilities. Our ability to clearly communicate our designs and the rationale behind them has helped us create positive working relationships with city, county, and state agencies, as well as utilities.

Water Resources

Designing stormwater improvements is a collaborative effort. It begins with our internal team of experienced professionals and typically involves partnerships with clients, utilities, and residents. We continue to earn repeat work from many municipalities, because we are skilled at minimizing the impact of our designs and the need for future maintenance

Federal Services

Committed to excellence, our experienced team offers a full suite of civil engineering services. We have the ability to take civil engineering projects from start to finish. With just a few points of contact, our project communication is streamlined to make our federal clients’ lives easier.

Site Development

Considered a trusted partner by our clients, we understand the intricacies of properly developing a site. Whether we are working with an area that is partially developed or untouched, we have experience designing plans that maximize your land.

Survey & Field Services

Often the first face of a project, our team considers themselves to be an on-site representation of our clients. Having the right tools helps us collect data accurately and quickly. With the capability to exchange data and messages instantly between the field and office, we’re able to capitalize our time spent onsite. In addition to survey services we offer construction inspection with KDOT certified inspectors to offer quality control on-site.

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