Leadership Overland Park Session 1 – Bus Tour and Group Discussion

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After lunch, we were guided on a bus tour by City of Overland Park staff Larry Blankenship and Leslie Karr.  We hit all corners of the city starting at the north with some of the first residential neighborhoods; Downtown Overland Park; the improvement projects along US-69 highway; the Metcalf Corridor; Deanna Rose Farmstead and everywhere in between.  Personally, I enjoyed getting to see some of the northern parts of the city as I’m less familiar with that area.  It was also enjoyable seeing many of the roadway projects I’ve been involved with at Affinis.  It’s a cool reminder of where we fit into the workings of the city.

In the afternoon,  we broke into groups and did some brainstorming about Overland Park, focusing on the topics we will be covering in our  upcoming classes.  The issues discussed were in the areas of: Health Care, Education, Transportation, Regionalism, Economic Development & Quality of Life. Each group created lists of areas where OP excels and areas where there could be room for improvement.  It was good to discuss the pluses and minuses from all our classmates and seek out the areas Overland Park can strive to improve.  For me personally, transportation seems to be a strength of Overland Park’s with a good network of roadways to move people around town in an efficient manner.  And obviously economic development is a strength as well but it’s also an area to continue to improve as many of the keys to a high quality of life in Overland Park rely on a strong economic engine to keep them funded.  The group discussion at Leadership Overland Park certainly piqued my interest to learn more about the different issues the City is facing.

Coming up next week at Shawnee Mission Medical Center will be Session 2 covering Health & Social Issues.  Looking forward to it!


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