Tomahawk in Mission Hills

Tomahawk is the backbone of Mission Hills. Not only is it a link between you and neighboring communities, but it represents the quality of life expectations of your community. A safe travel way for vehicles and pedestrians, and context-sensitive solutions that preserve and enhance the corridor are among those expectations.

As requested, we have gathered the following links to reports and documents prepared for similar projects. We are looking forward to discussing this project further, please don’t hesitate to call Kristen at 913-239-1122.

Prairie Village: Mission Road – 71st to 75th Street
Traffic Engineering Memo 
Roadway Typical Section Options

Overland Park: 159th Street – Metcalf to Nall
City and School District Project Video
Preliminary Engineering Study

Merriam: 67th Street
67th Street Pedestrian Connection White Paper

Blue Valley School District: All-District Crosswalk Study
Crosswalk Study Document