Capital Improvement Program

Merriam, Kansas

Affinis has designed more than five miles of residential street upgrades as part of the City of Merriam’s Capital Improvements Program (CIP). With a working relationship spanning more than a decade, we bring realistic solutions that help the community and fit the city’s budget.

 The city’s goal is to invest in public infrastructure and provide facilities that make citizens’ lives easier. We’ve worked together to achieve this in a number of ways, but a few include:

  • Converting existing, open-ditch streets to curb and gutter sections.
  • Reconstructing pavement.
  • Building a new underground storm drainage system.
  • Adding new sidewalks to create pedestrian connections to adjacent streets.
  • Reconstructing driveways.
  • Providing street lights to increase safety.
  • Creating traffic and erosion control plans for construction.

An active, public participation program is an integral part of the CIP. We conduct a pre-design meeting with residents to introduce them to the project and explain the general objectives. A second meeting is held after preliminary plans are complete and before easement acquisition begins. The final meeting is held prior to construction to introduce residents to the contractor and further explain the construction process and schedule.


  • We have performed inspections to determine if pavement could be reused. In many cases, we were able to perform a mill and overlay, leaving the existing pavement in place.
  • Addressing storm drainage issues early on helps protect the long-term, life cycle of the pavement, reducing city maintenance.
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