Session 1 – Introductions and Expectations

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Session 1 of Leadership Overland Park kicked off at the Overland Park Chamber’s office at 8:00am on January 26th.  We started out fast and furious!  Highlights from today include the chance to meet our fellow classmates and a crash course in all things Overland Park.   First up was the discussion of the “One Thing” that best described our leadership style.  I brought a yellow hard hat.  This was to represent that a leader is often praised for the team’s success but they also have to be willing to accept responsibility when things don’t go as well.  It was a good ice breaker and fun to see what others brought. This was followed by our personal introductions where we shared a 2 minute self-drawn pictorial of our lives to this point.  Great way to learn about each other’s family, careers and history.

Over lunch we heard about the 50-year history of Overland Park from Greg Musil, himself a former City Council member and past Chamber of Commerce president.  As he discussed the highlights of the city, he mentioned how Metcalf South Mall was the shopping Sample image 1mecca in its day.  Not having grown up in Overland Park during the mall’s best days and witnessing the mall now, it’s hard to believe it was ever such a prominent part of the city. Hopefully the Vision Metcalf plan discussed will assist in restoring that area to its former prominence.  Another bit of history Greg touched on was how JCCC was once located in the middle of nowhere.  That area has so much activity now that it’s hard to imagine there was once no development along 111th St (College Blvd).  In the grand scheme of things Overland Park’s 50 years of existence isn’t really that long.  It’s incredible the progress this city has made in that time as Overland Park continues to rank as one of the best places to live in the US.


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