The Zweig Group Names Affinis a “Best Firm to Work For”

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We did it! Affinis once again earned a spot on the Zweig Group’s “Best Firms to Work For” list. Workplace practices, employee benefits, employee retention rates, and a co-worker survey are all considered as part of the award process. This is the 11th time Affinis has been recognized.

Our recruitment and retention team reviews co-worker feedback from this application process and initiates changes that help our firm continue to rank highly on this list. We interviewed a few members asking them how Affinis distinguishes itself, what co-workers and new hires want, and what might be important in the future.

How do you think Affinis distinguishes itself as a Best Firm?
Jason Fine: I think Affinis continues to be recognized, because the leaders pay attention to all the co-workers’ needs/wants/expectations. They care about, and work hard at, creating a work place people want to be a part of.

Cindy Martens: Simply said, it’s about how we treat one another and the respect we have for everyone in the company. No position is more important than another. Everyone in the company brings value to our business. We aren’t about blaming. We’re here to work with one another and find ways to serve our co-workers, clients, and our communities. It’s an attitude that is lived out by everyone in the company.

John Spell: Affinis listens to the feedback provided by the Best Firms survey and then, is flexible and responsive when reviewing the results. The owners have made open and transparent efforts to improve.

When it comes to recruitment and retention, what kinds of benefits do you think are most important to co-workers and applicants?
Jason Fine: I think healthcare and flexibility are by far the top benefits nowadays. 401K’s are also a driving factor for many.

Cindy Martens: Competitive salaries and benefits are expected, so it’s important that these are still offered. Continuing to provide flexible work schedules that allow our co-workers to meet their professional and personal demands will still be important.

John Spell: While healthcare costs are always a concern, Affinis has made an effort to retain quality coverage over the bottom line. Also, the flex time schedule is a relatively new change, and I feel that it has been well received. Every person/family is a bit different, and being flexible is the new normal.

What kinds of things do you think will be important to co-workers in the next 5 years, as it relates to work? How are they different?
Jason Fine: I think healthcare will continue to be a driving factor in recruitment/retention. I believe flexibility will always be important, and telecommuting will become more important in the future. As people are able to communicate with co-workers, without being in the office, the newer workforce will embrace this change quickly.

Cindy Martens: More and more, we all want to be a part of something bigger than showing up and getting the work done. That could mean serving in a professional organization, volunteering in our community, or giving back to the underserved. People want to make a difference. Additionally, flexible work hours that allow us to balance life at work and outside of work will continue to be important.

John Spell: Currently, we have few options for remote work, and as our file storage shifts to the Cloud, it will be nice to have quick and real access remotely.

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