16 Ways Affinis Has Changed Since 2001

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Over the last 16 years, the business world has changed in some significant ways. We asked five, co-workers who’ve been with us since the beginning to share their thoughts on the topic. Find out how Affinis has evolved below:

1. Jason Davis: We have refined our mission. When we started, we had a great mission statement to guide us. However, over the years, we have refined and drilled that down to what we are really about. We’re always striving to improve ourselves and what we bring to our co-workers, clients and colleagues.

2. Rick Worrel: Initially, we were focused on “building long-lasting relationships,” which evolved into “engineering ways to make life easier. Our new vision has been a natural extension of both ideas: “Moving communities forward.”

rick worrel

3. Kristen Leathers: Public engagement and information is a high priority. Our clients now expect us to provide a public engagement plan and services with nearly all our projects. The big change in this is the varied methods we use to communicate with stakeholders. It’s not just face-to-face contact at public meetings, but also includes apps, websites, email distribution, and content for print.

4. Robert Ubben: The face of Affinis has changed. Affinis was once thought of as Rick and John’s company – the two guys that established it – with the youth of 2001 working in the background. That youth group is now, proudly a more visible face of the company.

5. Rick Worrel: We expanded ownership after John Thomas retired to include more co-workers.

6. Kristen Leathers: The pace of work is much faster. Technology has reduced the time it takes to design a project. Gathering and sharing information is done with the click of a button.

7. Troy Depperschmidt: Mobility has become a vital necessity in business operations. In 2001, access to corporate data (e-mail, files, etc.) was limited. Now, with smartphones, tablets, etc., access to resources are seamless.

8. Thankfully, we almost never use our fax machine any more.

9. Robert Ubben: The cloud. I was once wary of what cloud services could do for the company. Now, it is in use every day to transfer data from the field to the office and back. What a great tool.

robert ubben

10. Troy Depperschmidt: The amount of data and storage requirements has increased. In 2001, our entire business operations could be stored on a single DVD. Today, we require over 1,000 DVD’s in comparison.

11. Things got social. We now manage several social media accounts for the company.

12. Jason Davis: The work environment has changed. When we started, we were still working in cubicles that were essentially silos. When we moved to our old office in 2002, we knocked down the high wall cubes and paired work teams together. At the beginning, there was an adjustment to the change. However, it has been for the better. This allowed for more collaboration within a team rather than being stuck in a single person cube. We still have this same work environment today.

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13. Robert Ubben: Ah, the office colors went through a change. We jumped from 2001 to 2013 overnight with one swift office move. It’s been one of my favorite changes actually.

14. Kristen Leathers: As professional engineers, our priority is to protect the public welfare. While that has not changed and will not change, we have altered our approach. We are advocating for investment in infrastructure by educating lawmakers and the general public about the positive impact well-maintained infrastructure has on a community’s economy and quality of life.

15. We moved to Corporate Woods.

16. Rick Worrel: We successfully entered the Federal services market. Previously, we’d worked at the state and local level, but now, routinely design projects for entities like the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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