4 Clients Recognized with ACEC Awards

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The cities of Overland Park, Merriam, Prairie Village, and Olathe all received awards from the Kansas Chapter of the American Council of Civil Engineering Companies (ACEC). The award recognizes complexity, future value to the engineering profession, and unique or innovative applications. Although each project was quite different, they all delivered for residents, while supporting economic growth. Below, you’ll find short descriptions of each one.

159th Street, Metcalf Ave. to Nall Ave., Overland Park, Kansas
Traffic congestion had become an issue for the City of Overland Park, Kansas around Blue Valley High School (BVHS). To keep traffic moving and improve pedestrian safety, they added a new, multi-lane roundabout, along with other improvements. As a result, students have reduced their delay entering and exiting the school by more than 10 minutes, during the school’s peak hours. MORE

Residential Streets Group V, Street & Drainage Improvements, Merriam, Kansas
The Residential Streets Group V – Street and Drainage Improvements included the redesign of two, distinct areas. The first was a commercial and industrial setting at Merriam Lane. The second was a residential section on 51st Street between Switzer and Knox. The finished designs not only improved neighborhoods for residents, but also supported economic growth within the community. MORE

Mission Road Diet, Prairie Village, Kansas
The area along Mission Road between 71st and 75th Street is often recognized for its walkability, but as traffic continued to increase along this stretch, pedestrian safety became a concern for the city. After analyzing the area and a previous study, the design team ultimately found this roadway section could be reduced from four, undivided lanes to a three-lane section with a center, two-way, left turn lane. These changes improved traffic and increased safety for other modes of transportation. MORE

College Boulevard, Lone Elm Road to Woodland Ave., Olathe, Kansas
Increased traffic volumes and projected growth patterns along College Boulevard had the City of Olathe ready to widen the one-mile stretch between Lone Elm Road and Woodland Avenue. Prior to the completion of the project, this mile of College Boulevard was the only one between K-7 and State Line Road that wasn’t a 4-lane divided thoroughfare. Constructing this improvement has helped the city spur economic development along the corridor. MORE

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