4 Reasons to Stay Within the Speed Limit

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Last year, we introduced a new, blog series on driver safety as part of Drive Safely Work Week, which is organized by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS). Our first post shared details on how sleep impacts safety on the road. We followed it up with a second one on distracted driving. Today, we’re offering information on the dangers of speeding.

Since 1995, maximum speed limits have been on the rise. Set by states, these numbers started going up when energy concerns began to fade and the maximum national speed limit was repealed. Over the last two decades, 68 percent of states have increased speed limits to 70 mph or more on some portion of their roadways. In fact, several have set highway speed limits at or above 80 mph.

Researchers have found that travel speeds and crash fatalities have risen alongside these numbers. In fact, speeding has contributed to a third of crash deaths in the United States since 2005. In addition to these compelling stats, we’re sharing four more reasons to slow down below:

  1. Speeding increases your risk of losing control of your vehicle. When moving fast, vehicles become more difficult to maneuver, particularly on corners or curves.
  2. The effectiveness of safety devices like air bags and seat belts decrease as speed goes up.
  3. Drivers are two times as likely to kill a pedestrian on impact if they are moving at 30 mph than if they are driving at 25 mph.
  4. Speeding by as little as 3 mph in an urban area doubles the likelihood of an injury.

All information shared here was provided by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS).

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