Affinis Co-Worker Shares Her Top 3 Takeaways from Leadership OP

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On June 22, Kathy Minnick, our controller, graduated from the Overland Park Chamber’s Leadership Overland Park program, which was designed to provide a source of motivated leaders to the area. It offers information about the community and its issues, along with leadership training. Here are her takeaways from the annual program.

During the six months I participated in Leadership OP, we covered a wide variety of topics. These included a better understanding of the city, county, state, schools, arts, and economic development. It was interesting to learn about each one.

As the program progressed, I developed a much more comprehensive understanding of our government and was able to catch a glimpse into the daily lives of some of our state representatives. In addition to this, there were three things I learned that surprised me about the city:

  1. I was intrigued by our economic development council and their continual effort to find new businesses that are a good fit for the city, as well their efforts to retain current companies. Specifically, it was interesting to learn about the need for more hotels in Overland Park. Currently, we don’t have enough to sustain the business and vacation visitors. The city is working to increase those numbers, so that visitors stay within Overland Park and don’t select adjoining cities.
  2. There is a company in Kansas City that serves the entire metro area, Team KC Life + Talent. The director, Jessica Nelson, works with local companies to hire and keep young interns in the city. They have found that once a company brings a summer intern to the area they have to ensure they are plugged into other interns their age and have activities in which they can participate. I was so surprised the city and local companies had access to this service and thought it was a great way to not only bring talent into the area, but also ensure they stay here after graduation.
  3. I learned about a variety of non-profits in Kansas City, but one in particular stood out. Our group chose to raise money for HopeKids at Top Golf. We raised $28,000 to help families in Kansas City who have a child battling a life-threatening medical condition. Through the organization, families can go on outings together and spend time with one another. It was a great experience and a joy to see the excitement on the families faces.
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