Affinis Co-Workers Remember a Friend, Mentor, and Father – Ivan Ubben

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Ivan Ubben passed away on May 28th. Ivan played a large part in the lives of so many of our co-workers and colleagues, and we are grateful for the support his family is receiving. Ivan was a part of the original Affinis team – and he served as mentor to many of our co-workers in the years before Affinis was founded. In addition to being a very highly respected surveyor and engineer, he knew how to bring some fun to work as the leader of weekly pitch games – the stories of which live on today. Ivan always made his family a priority, raising three sons and a daughter. As a testament to the time he spent developing both his family and his career, all three sons worked in engineering and surveying – the youngest of which is our own Robert Ubben. This week has been filled with memories of life with Ivan, and we know that those fond memories will help his family and friends through this difficult time.

From the Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors: A Surveyors Eulogy: Ivan Ubben concluded his traverse the other day.  It was a good effort that was just a bit shorter than we would have liked.  With a great number of segments, Ivan had to plot his course many times and clear the lines to take their measure. And along the way, when he may have wandered out on a long side-loop that left him unsure of where he was, he did what surveyors do. He looked to the heavens. You see, surveyors know that if you are lost in this world, if you are unsure of your place on this world, you can resolve your position by looking beyond this world. You look to the heavens. By celestial measure a surveyor seeks and is given guidance. He then knows his position on earth and he sets his course; from Heavenly guidance.  Well, the loop is complete now; closure was made this week past. The precision? Well, for this one-in-a-million surveyor, it was 1:1,000,000. Not perfect, but it was getting’ awfully close. You traversed a good loop Ivan.

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