Affinis Co-workers Taking Advantage of Summer Fun.

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Affinis co-workers have been busy inside working on deadlines and helping our clients reach their project goals, but looking out our windows it appears that it has been a very pleasant summer. We have been grabbing opportunities to get out and enjoy the weather as much as possible. Striking a balance is one of our core values and summer provides so many opportunities to connect with co-workers outside the office.

To start our summer of fun, Affinis hosted a Royals tailgate on June 20th for co-workers and families. This warm, muggy Kansas evening started with good food, drinks, games, and socializing, but eventually we had to go inside and actually watch our beloved Royals. The Royals didn’t disappoint as they made the game exciting by scoring two runs to come back and tie the Mariners in the sixth inning, but couldn’t hold them off as they gave up another two runs in the ninth. Although the Royals did lose, we didn’t leave gloomy as Friday Fireworks with friends and family provided an awesome way to start the weekend. The Royals’ recent run at the playoffs has offered no end of office chatter.

The other, and some might say better, summer sports team which calls Kansas City home, Sporting KC, has provided multiple Affinis families with an evening of enjoyment. Using our season tickets, co-workers and clients take turns with their families becoming part of the electricity of Sporting Park. The shopping and restaurants of the Legends Outlets makes for a great evening of activities.

Enjoying this summer isn’t all about watching sports. Our survey crews, although outside all four seasons, haven’t had to drink quite as much Gatorade this summer, and have been able to be the first feet on the ground at a number of our project sites. From the 159th Street Survey in south Overland Park to braving 100,000+ vehicles per day picking up cross-sections for a KDOT I-70 Lighting Upgrade project, our crews have been returning every day with a smile on their faces.

Summer also heralds the arrival of interns. We took a different approach to our intern program this year, putting together a cycle of activities to see the firm from all angles – plan production, marketing, resident meetings, etc. It turned out to be a great system that not only taught the interns new things but allowed Affinis to benefit from their fresh perspectives in so many areas. You can read what Casey & Mpoyo thought about their experience here.

Also, up in Leavenworth, Kansas, our construction services group has been obtaining a nice farmer’s tan while observing and inspecting the city’s Pavement Management Program Improvements. Starting in June, this project has provided Ryan Stobaugh, EI a chance to feel the sun’s warmth and assure the city is delivered a quality product.

Last but not least, as we look out these windows at the nice weather, we have been lured by the Southcreek Lake to get a little exercise throughout the day. On a normal afternoon you can see one or two Affinisites making the 15 minute journey around the pond. This nice amenity matches well with our wellness plan and has allowed us to enjoy this wonderful summer every day.

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