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This summer, Linda Rottinghaus’s daughters were highlighted in the MoDOT Connections Newsletter, because Erin works at MoDOT, and Kara is at Kansas City Scout. The Rottinghaus family has a long history with MoDOT, as both parents not only worked, but also met there. We chatted with Linda about her time with the organization and what it means to have her children working there now.

Linda, what did you enjoy about working at MoDOT?
I think MoDOT is a great place to have a career. Because the designers did all the design work for their projects, we were able to get a lot of experience in all aspects of the transportation field – roadway design, traffic signals, drainage, lighting, etc.

Rottinghaus MoDOT

What does it mean to you that both of your daughters are working there now, at the start of their careers?
We have joked we’ve established a tradition, so now, their kids will need to come back from wherever they are and start working at MoDOT – whether they like it or not. It’s really neat/surreal to see your kids all grown up and starting their careers. Now, when we talk about work, we all can relate to the projects, problems, and experiences. Hearing about all the people (who haven’t retired yet) brings back a lot of memories for me. Of course, my daughters are probably getting tired of hearing, “I know your mom and dad.”

Did you do anything at home to encourage your kids into STEM fields?
We would take them into work on the “Take Your Daughter/Kids to Work” days, and since both their father and myself are engineers, they saw a lot of the engineering side. I was always into figuring out how things worked, building, or experimenting, so as a family, we would do little projects, puzzles, or toy kits. We also have quite a few engineers in our extended family, so they were always around the conversations. It’s funny that one of my daughters said she didn’t want to be an engineer, but then, gravitated to a more technical field in college and is now working in the transportation industry.

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