Affinis’s Distracted Driving Policy

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In 2013, Affinis introduced a new co-worker policy banning texting and other phone usage while driving. We did this to fight the epidemic of distracted driving and increase safety on the roads.

When it comes to driving safely, we all have good intentions, but breaking bad habits is often difficult. If you are used to talking and texting while driving, it’s critical to first believe in the importance of what you’re doing for any change to be sustainable.

To communicate the significance of these new practices, our Manager of Recruiting and Retention, Cindy Martens, shared a weekly video series with our co-workers to kick-off the beginning of the distracted driving policy. We used statistics and materials from the National Safety Council (NSC) to supplement our efforts.

Since introducing the policy, we’ve realized the importance of ongoing education. Sharing information with new hires and reminding current co-workers are two practices that go far in increasing safety. Here are some recent statistics from the NSC worth considering:

  • An estimated one in four car crashes are caused by cell phone usage.
  • Hands-free is not risk-free.
  • Employers can bring about change. Download a kit from NSC to learn how.

Since participating in the program, I personally became more aware of dangerous driving caused by phone usage on the road. For example, I would be amazed watching other drivers drift and drive erratically while trying to send a text. Because I’d been distracted by my own phone, I hadn’t noticed anyone else’s dangerous moves, which was a hard, but lasting lesson to learn.

Although it takes more time to make calls from a parking lot, I’ve noticed the person I’m calling appreciates having my undivided attention. I can take notes or access a calendar, ensuring all of the important details aren’t lost a few miles down the road.

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