Affinis’s Fitbit Wellness Program

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This year, Affinis issued a new fitness challenge to its co-workers. From March 1 to June 30, they asked us to take 7,000 steps a day for 60 consecutive days.

Participants were responsible for purchasing their own tracking device, such as a Fitbit, to monitor their progress, but if they reached one of the predetermined milestones, they would receive reimbursement. Affinis offered these incentives:

  • 7,000 steps = $100
  • 5,000 steps = $60

15 co-workers participated in this wellness program. To track their progress, 11 people used Fitbits, three chose Garmins and one used MapMyWalk.

I created a private group through Fitbit where we could participate in monthly step competitions. This helped keep us motivated, as we were able to cheer each other on and monitor how far each person had walked. Some co-workers organized an afternoon stroll around Corporate Woods to help reach their goals.

Payments will be made this month to those who qualified. To receive an incentive, each person had to turn in a log of his or her steps.

We’re pleased to share that 13 participants reached the 7,000 step goal.

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