Co-Worker Q&A: Giving Back

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Adopt a Street Program

Whether it’s volunteering to adopt a street or gathering blankets for reStart, helping others is an important part of our culture. With the holidays right around the corner, we wanted to highlight how a few co-workers give back.

What are your favorite ways to give back?
Cindy Martens: “I’m having a great time tutoring third graders twice a month at Grace United Ministries in their after-school reading program.”

Troy LaVelle: “We do lots of 5k runs, which all go towards different organizations. It also keeps us healthy and active.”

Do you have organizations you routinely support?
Troy LaVelle: “Bikers for babies”

Peggy Amor: “Every year, we adopt a family at Christmas time from an inner city elementary school in Kansas City, Kansas.”

Why do you think volunteering or donating is important?
Cindy Martens: “It keeps me from staying focused on myself and gives me perspective. Most of us are fortunate enough to live comfortably and have the resources (money and time) to meet our basic needs. When I get out of my bubble, I’m reminded of all the great people who just need a little boost, a second chance, or someone to help them with things they are unable to do for themselves right now.”

Peggy Amor: “The world is full of need, and when you have extra, it’s just the right thing to do to share. I hope that exposing my daughters to that concept now will help them be compassionate as they grow.”

For many, choosing an organization or finding the time to give back can seem overwhelming. Where would you recommend someone start?
Troy LaVelle: “If you are not sure about an organization, there are a lot of websites with information about every non-profit, including the percentage of what they give, how the money is used, and how you can help.”

Peggy Amor: “There are SO many organizations/people/causes in the world. It is okay to give yourself permission to acknowledge they all exist, but that you are going to pool your resources in one place. We like to donate close to home. A good friend of mine teaches at the school where we adopt a family, so that is why we stay involved there.”

Cindy Martens: “I’m fortunate, because my church has an endless list of organizations that need help—time and/or money. So, that’s my starting point. I believe the most important thing is to really think about what you want to do and seek out opportunities in that area. Having a heart for the cause helps us do a better job.”

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