Hutchinson Hyde Park Improvements Earn ACEC Engineering Excellence Award

Posted on Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 by
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The historic Hyde Park neighborhood was constructed in the 1920s using brick pavers for the street pavement. Significant infrastructure improvements had not been made since. Residents were ready for the bricks to be replaced with asphalt pavement and the utility facilities to be upgraded. Affinis was selected to design street, stormwater, sanitary sewer, and water line improvements in the neighborhood. Last month Brian Clennan, PE, City of Hutchinson Director of Engineering and Brent Johnson, PE, Project Engineer from Affinis accepted the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Kansas Engineering Excellence award at the annual conference in Topeka, Kansas.

The design team kicked off the project with an intensive citizen involvement program to gain support for the improvements and get the residents involved in the design process. Residents discussed traffic calming; pedestrian access; and aesthetic improvements, such as a park trail, to preserve the historic nature of the neighborhood. Final design elements included:

  • Recycling concrete for use as aggregate base material;
  • Replacing and upgrading water mains;
  • Salvaging the brick pavers and offeringthem to residents for private use;
  • Narrowing driving lanes to slow vehicular traffic and improve pedestrian safety;
  • Delineating pedestrian crossings using bump-outs at intersections when narrower lanes were not an option.

In addition to meeting residents’ needs, the project was completed on time and under budget. A 12-percent savings on design and 4-percent savings on construction resulted in a total savings of over $110,000 on a $1.7 million project. All of these things combined made this project a resounding success for the City of Hutchinson.

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