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Military Construction (MILCON) work is performed exclusively on military installations or for military operations. Whereas, the Civil Works program targets water resource projects, which are not located on a military installation or used for military operations.

Dollars spent for MILCON must create a “complete and usable project.” That means funding cannot be broken into pieces unless it is for separate stand-alone functions. By comparison, a civil project could fund and construct a portion of a levee, say a floodwall, that did not connect into high ground – thus, not providing flood protection. However, if the same project was MILCON, the floodwall and levee would need to tie into the system and once constructed, be “complete and usable” to provide flood protection.

Below, you’ll find descriptions of work we recently completed as part of USACE’s MILCON program.

Ft. Riley Covered Storage
The logistics storage area has limited capacity for proper bulk storage. The Covered Storage project will increase capacity, keeping bulk items out of the elements. It will also allow for safe loading operations, including nighttime efforts, if needed. Work is ongoing with design scheduled for completion in 2018.

Ft. Riley Railhead Improvement
Our service members are being asked to deploy to areas across the globe at a more frequent and faster pace. The Railhead Improvement project will help increase the Army’s capacity for deployment. Not only does it strive to grow their capabilities, it also aims to increase the safety of loading operations with better lighting, while also reducing stormwater flooding in the area.

Loading operations are usually stressful and performed 24/7, so many times, nighttime operations are required. The new lighting will improve safety for our service members, as they perform these efforts. Design is expected to be completed in 2019.

Ft. Riley Camp Funston Storm Sewer Design
The Camp Funston area experiences flooding and ponding during storm events. This project will look at the existing capacity of the system and design repairs or improvements to it.

Camp Funston is integral to Army operations, and flooding can keep it from working effectively. The project will improve the system in order to prevent flooding of critical infrastructure, so operations may continue without impact. Design is scheduled for completion in 2019.

Ft. Riley Main Post Storm Sewer Study
Ft. Riley is studying their antiquated storm sewer system to determine the condition of pipes and manholes, as well as its hydraulic capacity. The holistic study will determine and recommend what is needed to correct the capacity of the stormwater system located on the Main Post. Work for this project is ongoing.

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