Intern’s Perspective – More Than Just “Engineering”

Posted on Tuesday, August 12th, 2014 by
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Last week, I worked with our marketing coordinator, Peggy Amor, CPSM, to see how Affinis earns new projects. Two dominant factors in deciding what work we will pursue are whether or not we are passionate about the project, and if we share the same values as our client. Selecting projects this way allows us to create and maintain good relationships with our clients, along with building a reputation of doing quality work.

The past few weeks Cliff Speegle, PE LEED® AP has spent a lot of time teaching me about what work has to be done after the design is complete. I was able to attend on-site resident meetings in Leawood, answering questions residents had about how the project design would directly affect them. I expected it to be difficult because, in many cases, alterations are being made to properties people have spent years perfecting. However, the residents were very receptive; even the ones that did not feel they directly benefitted from the project. They said they had seen similar projects recently completed nearby, and they trusted the city to do a good job.

One of the most significant lessons I will take away from this summer is working as an engineer does not begin and end with designing projects. Whether work is being brought in the door or taken out, the relationships and reputation you make will be carried with you.

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