National Professional Engineers Day

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In honor of National PE Day, we asked our licensed, engineering co-workers to share why they pursued their PEs. Here’s what they had to say.

“My dad was a structural engineer. I have great memories of joining him Saturday mornings in his office using colored pencils, triangles, and scales, while he was working on a bridge design; leading the installation of his company’s first CAD platform, Intergraph; or upgrading their photogrammetry equipment. I always wanted to do what he did,” said Rick Worrel, PE, President.

“The natural progression to advancing in civil engineering after graduation is working towards a PE license. I wanted to continue to move forward in my career,” said Mike McKenna, PE, PTOE, ENV SP, Senior Traffic Engineer.

“Looking back, as a kid, I would play in the rain and mud with a stick to build channels and dams out of the puddles. I guess I’ve always wanted to see plans on paper become real projects…being a PE allows me to be a part of making this happen,” said Jason Davis, PE, ENV SP, Vice President of Federal Services.

“I became an engineer, because I loved solving problems. Getting my PE allowed me to further my career and continue to help communities find solutions to challenges,” said Linda Rottinghaus, PE, ENV SP, Senior Project Engineer.

“My dad gave me good advice……he told me to be an engineer,” said Kristen Leathers, PE, Assoc. DBIA, Project Manager.

“I like to solve problems and meet clients’ needs, becoming a PE allowed me to do that,” said Brad Schleeter, PE, CFM, ENV SP, Senior Project Engineer.

“For me, it was important to become a PE and increase my professional development,” said Ryan Stobaugh, PE, Project Engineer.

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