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Truman Trail

The Truman Farm Home property and Longview Lake are both popular destinations in Grandview, Missouri. However, despite their close proximity to several neighborhoods, residents could only reach them by car. The city wanted to connect the two sites and make them more accessible for pedestrians and bicyclists.

truman farm home

While Longview Lake had an existing loop trail around it, it was disconnected from other parts of the city. To create a seamless “presidential trail,” the Affinis design team added pathways for bicyclists and pedestrians along Harry Truman Drive, through a neighborhood park, and finally, forming connections with the existing trail at the lake. Special signage was used throughout to highlight the history of the area and connect the pathway visually.

Truman Trail Signage

In this area, there are a number of businesses and neighborhoods. While some had sidewalks along Harry Truman Drive, many did not. The completed work improves existing sidewalks and makes them ADA compliant. It also included the development of a new, multi-use trail that connects neighborhoods to the amenities along Harry Truman Drive. Although there was a nearby park, one neighborhood, Southview, couldn’t access it. There weren’t any sidewalks in the area, so residents could either drive to the park, which was within walking distance, or walk in the busy Truman Road. With the new facilities, they can safely reach it, as well as local businesses and the lake, on foot.

Truman Trail Park

This project had a wide variety of stakeholders, each with input on the final design. The City of Grandview led the project; however, the lake is owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). For the work there, we followed USACE guidelines and permitting regulations. We also coordinated with Jackson County Parks and Recreation, who manages the trail around the lake.

To connect these two, federal properties, the city used Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) funding. While the money came from the Federal government, it is distributed through the Mid-American Regional Council (MARC) and the Missouri Department of Transportation’s (MoDOT) Local Public Agency (LPA) process.


To keep the various entities in the loop, we communicated regularly with all parties. This was particularly important as changes were made to the design. Based on our extensive experience with USACE, we knew seeking approval and permits could take time, so we started the process early. We met and coordinated with their Longview Lake representative to review the design and seek approval of changes.

By connecting these two historic sites, the city has changed how residents are accessing these local attractions. Adding trails, sidewalks, and new pathways has not only improved neighborhoods, but also supported nearby businesses. The completed design is helping to move Grandview forward and providing added benefits to its community.

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