Rejuvenating Communities Through Street Reconstruction

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Our residential street team has a proven reputation for developing practical, quality designs that rebuild, rehabilitate, and rejuvenate neighborhoods. When aging infrastructure is worn out, it’s our job to make it new again and fix things that may not have worked well in the original design.

These projects are an opportunity to:

  • Improve an infrastructure’s functionality,
  • Consider its long-term performance and future maintenance,
  • And reinvest in aging areas of a community.

Completed projects revitalize neighborhoods. When a project is finished, the residents will often make improvements to their property, benefitting the neighborhood as a whole. Experiencing these transformations fuels our passion for residential street reconstruction and storm sewer repairs.

street reconstruction

But, engineering is only one element of these kinds of projects. Another is engaging the public. We’ve found some of our best project information comes from residents. We use their experiences to influence our design.

At public meetings, we have the opportunity to talk with residents, discover their concerns, answer questions, and determine how we can help. While there, they have a chance to connect with neighbors and build a stronger sense of community.

Our residential work lets us become personally vested in neighborhoods that are not our own. We take pride in maintaining and improving a community’s quality of life. Our team stays motivated knowing that our engineering services are having a positive impact on so many communities.

Discover more ways our street team delivers for our clients here.

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