Residential Street Improvements Crucial to Kansas City Neighborhood Revitalization

Posted on Sunday, March 17th, 2013 by
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Our design team has reconstructed more than 40 miles of residential streets in the Kansas City metro area and each project ends with an opportunity for a community to improve. Recently, we designed the 2012 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Neighborhood Street Reconstruction Program for Overland Park, Kansas and Residential Street Group III Improvements in Merriam, Kansas. Both of these projects were constructed during summer 2012 and were crucial to a Kansas City neighborhood revitalization. The Overland Park project included streets near 82nd Street and Walmer Street. The Merriam project included 63rd Terrace, 64th Street, 64th Terrace and 65th Street west of Craig Street.

The design consists of full replacement of the existing pavement; replacing ditches with an enclosed or underground storm sewer; and adding curb and gutter and sidewalk. Oftentimes the street improvements have a ripple effect generating other improvements. For instance, utility companies upgrade their deteriorating or undersized facilities prior to the street reconstruction. This minimizes the risk for utility facility repairs after the street reconstruction and also reduces restoration costs for the utility companies. Another positive impact is homeowner/property owner investment. The new street sets the stage for homeowners to paint, landscape, and improve the curb appeal of their property. What starts as the City’s investment to preserve and enhance their infrastructure, ends with a community’s opportunity to revitalize a neighborhood.

Sometimes residential street projects are seen as small or simple, while highway and thoroughfare projects get all the accolades. The truth – residential streets are the heart of any city, and they are what makes a city a home.

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