Summer Internship a Two-Way Street

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Affinis Corp is excited to be hosting two interns this summer. We love the opportunity to add fresh perspectives to our team and to share our expertise with the up-and-coming professionals. Check back for updates from both of them on how the summer is going.

Before I started at Affinis, I was aware of the great working relationship among co-workers. This was apparent during the interview process when I was told I would be working in all the different service areas Affinis offers. Organizing this sort of collaborative internship takes a lot of coordination between work groups. I was still caught off guard when the president, Rick Worrel, stopped by my desk at the end of my first day to ask how it went. Affinis doesn’t have the stereotypical hierarchy most firms have. As a co-worker you are not just a part of the human resources, marketing, surveying, or engineering teams; you are part of the projects, and everyone is expected to perform at varsity level.

I primarily work for Kristen Leathers, and have had the opportunity to attend a bid opening, utility meeting where construction arrangements were discussed, and a field visit to discuss slope considerations during construction. I have prepared project manuals, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), and reviewed plans for quantity checks. With the collaborative mindset of Affinis, I have also worked on a traffic count, camera plan design in AutoCAD, and access road design in MicroStation.

At first, I thought that my working on so many different projects was a simple matter of efficiency, applying the available resources where they are needed. After returning from the traffic count, Kurt Rotering explained how the numbers would be used. I was impressed he took the time to do this, but then he continued to explain all traffic related services Affinis offers. I learned Affinis’s goal wasn’t just efficiency, but also education and collaboration. This is especially refreshing not only as an intern, but for the company as a whole. It reflects a passion for the work we do, more than just cranking out plans, but a real interest in how the different aspects of a project come together to better serve the community affected.

I am going into my final year at Kansas State University for civil engineering and I feel like I owe Affinis $800 in tuition for teaching me MicroStation. The commitment to helping us make the most of our internships by exposing us to a variety of projects and project types is such a valuable asset for my future.

This emphasis on teamwork and education implies the overall goal of being a company distinguished by quality. I look forward to spending the summer working towards this goal by learning and being part of the Affinis team.

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