Survey: Accurate Documents and the Right Technology Make Life Easier

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Our survey staff is well recognized for its ability to research existing property limits and prepare property descriptions. Often, we are looking at easements or real estate conveyances to accommodate municipal projects. We use a proven method to make life easier for our clients:

Our documents are clear and accurate.
Over the years, we’ve developed a familiarity with the systems and agencies used to perform research on existing properties and right-of-ways. To best meet our clients’ expectations and requirements, we work to write descriptions that are not ambiguous and are easily retraceable by future users. Not only do we strive to prepare documents that are clear and accurate, but we also aim to provide drawing exhibits that are easy for property owners to understand. Our team routinely receives positive feedback on the deliverables used to help clients with their property acquisition needs.

We streamline our equipment.
On the technical side, we honestly feel we have made surveying easier by having all crews equipped with the same pieces of equipment. This makes it simple for our team to easily move from one survey crew to another without worrying about different setups or parameters within equipment. This helps us work more efficiently and deliver results more quickly to our clients.

Data can be sent real-time via the cloud.
Another timesaver is our real-time connection to the office from the field. We use a cloud-based communication software in our handheld data collection tablets. We have found this is extremely helpful in communicating information between the field and office. It also allows for a direct transfer of data at any time for faster reduction.

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