Wolf Creek Parkway Wins ACEC Award

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Our work with the City of Basehor, Kansas on Wolf Creek Parkway between 155th and 158th Streets was recently awarded by the American Council of Engineering Companies of Kansas. Prior to receiving the award, it was already a win for our client, as it was completed 10 months ahead of schedule and five percent under budget.

“Among the key benefits of their project team was their ability to fold the three projects into one bid package and construct at one time. Another value added by Affinis was the quality of the plans, which contributed to the contractor finishing construction nearly 10 months ahead of schedule,” Mitch Pleak, PE, City Engineer, City of Basehor, Kansas.


It also met the city’s goals of making the area safer for residents. Below are the primary benefits Basehor has seen following project completion:

Better access to businesses and safer intersections

  • The raised median on 155th Street manages access points to businesses and allows left turns at Wolf Creek Parkway instead of individual driveways.
  • The construction of Wolf Creek Parkway provides access to multiple businesses adjacent to US24/40.

Increased economic development

  • Since completion of the project, one new restaurant has opened, and there is interest in building a multi-family development along the north side of the corridor.

There were a lot of components that went into our work with Basehor. Here is a brief overview of the Wolf Creek Parkway project:

The US 24/40 Highway is the primary connector for businesses and residents through Basehor. Increased traffic at high speeds had created a variety of safety concerns for the city. To offer safer access, we worked with Mitch Pleak, PE and the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) Access Management Group to design a reverse frontage road. Using this approach provides a lower speed route to local traffic accessing businesses that front a highway. It also allows travelers from the highway to safely turn at signalized intersections.

The project also implemented access management techniques to further improve safety along the US24/40 business district. A brick paver median on 155th Street delineates north/south left turns and prevents left turns onto 155th Street from a busy Casey’s convenience store. The median guides traffic to the Wolf Creek Parkway intersection where they can safely turn into lower speed traffic and get to their destination. Good access management can be the key to spurring economic development along a corridor, making getting in and out of businesses safe and efficient.

Also supporting economic development, this project improved visibility and access to a set of existing businesses. Before the improvement, they were situated below grade, and without a street on the north side, there was very limited visibility. Now, those businesses can be seen and accessed more safely. Wolf Creek now allows users to enter businesses from the north on a lower speed roadway, instead of higher speed US24/40

In addition to the reverse frontage road, the project included sanitary sewer improvements; right of way and easement acquisition; public involvement program; and street lighting. Storm drainage crossings were designed for future land development conditions to save time and costs in the future. Wolf Creek Parkway was a green field site, so the utility companies took

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