Work vs. School – An Intern’s Perspective

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Fast-forwarding from my last blog, it’s been about two months now since I started my internship with Affinis and I can say there are some differences when you compare working an 8-5 job and going to school. The main difference for me is the 8-hour work schedule. On average during the school year, I’ll be in class for four to five hours a day, and might have some breaks in between. I enjoy a set 8-hour work schedule because once I leave I know I’m done for the day. On the other hand, when in class, I usually end up coming back in the evening to either complete an assignment or study for an exam. In school, it seems like I always have something that needs to get done.

I’ve also noticed the importance of teamwork at the office; a project might need different areas of specialization which requires a number of people working together. An example that comes to mind doesn’t deal with just the engineering practice of completing a project, but getting awarded a project. I never thought about this until Peggy Amor, CPSM, Marketing Coordinatorshowed this side of work to me. We took a couple of days away from our project work to learn about the marketing side of engineering. In school, we never talk about where the work comes from. It was good to learn about the variety of steps it takes for a firm to win a project. The teamwork is an all-around effort that begins with marketing and business development tasks.

To catch up from my last blog on the K-68 project, I’ve finished the roads and am now looking at the drainage areas for each road. This task requires looking at the topography of the road. I’ve never done this before, so, just like the entire summer has been, this is another great learning experience.


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