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Everything you need, and nothing you don’t. A GIS database provides a complete picture of your project site. You select the range of datapoints that should be incorporated. For some, that might mean identifying every manhole, inlet, and pipe and then, cataloguing the sizes, materials, and the conditions of each. No matter what is included, all our databases can feature links to photos of every structure.

Affinis brings an experienced lens to each GIS database. Our licensed surveyors use their 30 years of experience to gather data in the field. Their insight and state-of-the-art equipment allow them to capture the information needed. Then, they collaborate directly with our GIS team to generate a database that meets our clients’ goals. Having both teams in house means that nothing is lost in translation.

Working with GIS allows our design team to work through alternatives quickly at a concept level.

John Spell, PE, Project Engineer
Affinis Corp

Water Modeling Gets Interactive with GIS

gis water modeling stormwater

At Affinis, we’ve been delivering stormwater models in a new way. Using GIS, our team is mapping locations of inlets and connecting pipes to see how they work together. To learn more about how it works, we interviewed John Spell, a project engineer and Brandon Gann, a GIS specialist, on the topic.


Fort Riley Main Post Stormwater Study Ranks System Upgrades for Next 30 Years

fort riley stormwater study

Fort Riley’s Main Post was constructed in the early 1900’s. Given the age of the facilities, there were few maps, as-builts, or internal historical knowledge about the stormwater system. Fort Riley’s Directorate of Public Works (DPW) was addressing system problems, but wanted a comprehensive improvement plan that considered all of the Main Post’s needs and helped them plan future improvements.



Our structural engineering group is invested in protecting communities with reliable infrastructure. With each project, we work to reduce risk and create a resilient structure, protecting our clients’ investments and the surrounding area.


Developing concepts and analyzing alternatives is something we do well. Our traffic engineers are skilled at collecting data and then, using that information to improve capacity and increase safety on our roadways.

Roadway Engineering

Our roadway engineering group moves communities forward. Whether designing residential streets, thoroughfares, or highways, we are focused on improving quality of life, supporting economic development, and increasing safety.


When designing stormwater solutions, we look at the entire site. Our comprehensive approach maximizes budgets and minimizes disruptions to residents, streamlining future improvements.


Our experienced railroad engineering team attends trainings and obtains certifications to increase safety on site. We use this continuous education and our past experiences to complete projects quickly and efficiently.

Construction Engineering

Communication, collaboration, and transparency are the keys to our construction engineering approach. By focusing on forming long-lasting relationships, we are able to anticipate obstacles and find effective solutions for our clients and partners.


Our forward-thinking survey team uses a combination of new technology and proven methods to deliver accurate data to our clients. This allows them to fully capture the existing conditions of a project site and understand which elements should be included in every survey.

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