For over 30 years, Affinis has worked with levee districts to keep communities safe. By acting as the chief engineer for a local district, we have learned what it takes to operate and maintain a levee. This hands-on experience helps our team provide turnkey service to our clients. Some of our levee engineering services include:

  • Levee periodic inspections
  • Creation of O& M manuals
  • Pump station inspections, assessments, and design
  • Relief well design
  • Stability analysis
  • Seepage analysis

As our chief engineer, Affinis responded quickly to our requests. Jason’s relationships with the Kansas City District and knowledge of L-385 has been extremely beneficial.

Ben Drake
General Manager, Riverside Quindaro Bend Levee District

USACE Protects 27,000 Residences with Large Scale Levee Raise


In 1993, flooding caused water to reach to top of the levees in Kansas City. To protect businesses and residences from future floods, the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has embarked on the process of raising 60 miles of levees along the Kansas river, as well as a small section of the Missouri river. These changes will impact 27,000 residences and 100,000 jobs.


City of Leavenworth and Levee District Protect Residents with Flood Flight Plan

flooding leavenworth levees

Flood season officially happens between April 1 and August 1, but things got started earlier this year with rain and snowmelt contributing to river water raises in Mid-March. Two of our clients, the City of Leavenworth, Kansas and Riverside Quindaro Bend Levee District (RQBLD) have already taken measures to protect their communities and prevent flooding. Last month, we worked closely with both entities to prepare for heavy rains, which impacted parts of the metro area.



Our structural engineering group is invested in protecting communities with reliable infrastructure. With each project, we work to reduce risk and create a resilient structure, protecting our clients’ investments and the surrounding area.


Developing concepts and analyzing alternatives is something we do well. Our traffic engineers are skilled at collecting data and then, using that information to improve capacity and increase safety on our roadways.

Roadway Engineering

Our roadway engineering group moves communities forward. Whether designing residential streets, thoroughfares, or highways, we are focused on improving quality of life, supporting economic development, and increasing safety.


When designing stormwater solutions, we look at the entire site. Our comprehensive approach maximizes budgets and minimizes disruptions to residents, streamlining future improvements.


Our experienced railroad engineering team attends trainings and obtains certifications to increase safety on site. We use this continuous education and our past experiences to complete projects quickly and efficiently.

Construction Engineering

Communication, collaboration, and transparency are the keys to our construction engineering approach. By focusing on forming long-lasting relationships, we are able to anticipate obstacles and find effective solutions for our clients and partners.


Our forward-thinking survey team uses a combination of new technology and proven methods to deliver accurate data to our clients. This allows them to fully capture the existing conditions of a project site and understand which elements should be included in every survey.

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