159th Street, Metcalf Ave. to Nall Ave.

Roundabouts help traffic on and off high school campus.


Signal updates, a new roundabout, and even the addition of signage can all be connected to reduced crash rates and economic growth when done effectively. Our traffic engineers are recognized for delivering greater capacity and increased safety for cities, counties, and Departments of Transportation.

Our experienced team considers the entire site when developing traffic engineering solutions. This holistic approach means designs will look beyond the current project, maximizing our clients’ budgets and minimizing disruptions to residents. Our attention to detail helps us coordinate with stakeholders and utilities, resulting in fewer surprises during construction. Learn more about our approach and traffic engineering services here.

Affinis was very easy to work with and ready/willing to adapt to changes in the project as they arose. They provided appropriate and relevant comments on information provided by KDOT, and they are willing to put forth extra effort to ensure the project stayed on schedule.

Eric Kocher, Former Project Engineer
Kansas Department of Transportation

City of Olathe Increases Accessibility Around High School

intersection traffic olathe

The City of Olathe, KS was faced with aging infrastructure at a key intersection near Olathe South High School (OSHS). They needed to replace the existing traffic signal at 151st and Lennox and decided to make the area ADA compliant and add pedestrian crossings at the same time.


Roundabouts Improve Traffic Flow and Safety on 159th Street


Prior to our 159th Street improvements between Metcalf and Nall, Blue Valley High School had been experiencing traffic congestion on 159th Street for an extended period of time. Safely making left-hand turns out of the school’s entrances during peak hours was becoming increasingly difficult. Cars were often stopped for long periods of time, forcing other vehicles to back up into the parking lot. Those students who walked to school also encountered challenges finding a safe place to cross.



Our structural engineering group is invested in protecting communities with reliable infrastructure. With each project, we work to reduce risk and create a resilient structure, protecting our clients’ investments and the surrounding area.


Developing concepts and analyzing alternatives is something we do well. Our traffic engineers are skilled at collecting data and then, using that information to improve capacity and increase safety on our roadways.

Roadway Engineering

Our roadway engineering group moves communities forward. Whether designing residential streets, thoroughfares, or highways, we are focused on improving quality of life, supporting economic development, and increasing safety.


When designing stormwater solutions, we look at the entire site. Our comprehensive approach maximizes budgets and minimizes disruptions to residents, streamlining future improvements.


Our experienced railroad engineering team attends trainings and obtains certifications to increase safety on site. We use this continuous education and our past experiences to complete projects quickly and efficiently.

Construction Engineering

Communication, collaboration, and transparency are the keys to our construction engineering approach. By focusing on forming long-lasting relationships, we are able to anticipate obstacles and find effective solutions for our clients and partners.


Our forward-thinking survey team uses a combination of new technology and proven methods to deliver accurate data to our clients. This allows them to fully capture the existing conditions of a project site and understand which elements should be included in every survey.

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