About Affinis

At Affinis, we do things a little differently. Whether working with a client or co-worker, we focus on how we can make someone’s life easier.

This simple idea is the framework upon which we were built. It informs all of our decisions and has helped us build long-lasting relationships. The best testament to our collaborative approach is our high ratio of repeat clients.

Providing quality designs and excellent client service has helped us to be successful over the years. Our co-workers anticipate our clients’ needs and fulfill their expectations. Because we consider ourselves to be a part of their team, we are conscientious stewards of their resources and funds. We strive for the highest level of service and satisfaction by embracing change and technological advancements.


Affinis was born from the desire to build a different kind of engineering firm. Our founders, Rick Worrel and John Thomas, envisioned a firm that made clients’ lives easier and was a great workplace for co-workers. In 2001, these experienced professionals created a new kind of civil engineering firm.

Since that time, Affinis has been living up to their vision. The firm has been named an employer of choice by CE News Magazine five times and was recognized as the top firm in 2013. Our record for repeat business is 96 percent, making us the consultant of choice to many public and private organizations.


We move communities forward by creating holistic infrastructure solutions through valued partnerships with coworkers, clients, and colleagues.


Over the next 10 years our communities will face significant challenges, our society is evolving which is driving a major shift in infrastructure demands and performance.

Solving these infrastructure challenges will require a convergence of engineering practices, technology, and civic leadership.

Our industry and political leaders must create a systemic movement to change how we engage, approach, and resolve together.

Our vision is to Build and Lead Teams to uncover the long-term need, develop the holistic solution, then educate, adopt, and implement.

The result of this movement is not just awesome infrastructure! It’s a culture of truth, resilience, innovation, and progression.

Ultimately enabling people, families, and business to prosper and perpetuate growth.

By 2032, we will be engaged and leading the change in 10 communities.


  • Trustworthiness – We are committed to establishing trust by being honest in all our relationships.  Our actions, both public and private, match our words.
  • Servant Leadership – We selflessly serve others.
  • Excellence – We are committed to employing the best, fulfilling expectations, and providing optimal solutions.
  • Collaboration – We cultivate productive and fulfilling collaboration among co-workers, clients, and colleagues.
  • Balance – We embrace the importance and worth of promoting a balance between work and personal life.