Jacob Wilson, PE

Engineer II
Jacob Wilson, PE

Jacob Wilson is an Engineer II at Affinis. Supporting our roadway group, he collects data, designs engineering solutions, and prepares complex documents for our clients. Using a collaborative approach both in and out of the office, Jacob enjoys moving communities forward.

My favorite place is almost anywhere, as long as I’m sitting next to my wife. But, I do also enjoy museums, mountains, and national parks.

What would you have for your last meal?
I’d have filet mignon in an asiago cheese and mushroom sauce with steamed broccoli and garlic mashed potatoes.

If you could try something and knew you wouldn’t fail, what would it be?
I’d be a major league baseball player or become independently wealthy as a beachcomber/treasure hunter.

List your favorite things to do in KC.

  • Eat BBQ.
  • Visit the World War I museum.
  • Go to Union Station.
  • Visit the Zoo.