Linda Rottinghaus, PE, ENV SP

Linda Rottinghaus, PE, ENV SP

A principal, Linda makes clients’ lives easier by applying her detailed knowledge of LPA and ADA to all kinds of projects.

If you see me outside of work, I’m probably doing research on my next adventure/vacation.

What is your favorite way to move communities forward?
Opening up a neighborhood to have better access to sidewalks and trails is my favorite way to move communities forward. It is so nice to see people get out for walks or bike rides and explore the local areas.

If you could try something and knew you wouldn’t fail, what would it be? As long as I knew my parachute would open and I’d land safely, I would try skydiving.

What groups or organizations are you involved with in your community?
I participate in the Lee’s Summit R-7 School district Career Pathways Advisory Team. This team meets to get outside input from industries/employers on the curriculum for different careers and to brainstorm ideas to get greater participation from the under represented gender.

I am also one of the practitioner/mentors for the Civil Senior Design Class at UMKC. In this class, students are divided into teams, and they work with clients (MoDOT, cities, and counties) on actual projects. They research and develop a report the first semester, and the second semester, they prepare 30 percent plans.