159th Street Improvements, Metcalf to Nall


Metcalf Avenue to Nall Avenue, Overland Park, Kansas

There were two, key questions surrounding the improvements to 159th Street between Metcalf and Nall Ave. Through the use of a preliminary engineering study (PES), we worked with the City of Overland Park to answer both.

The study determined which kind of roadway section would best serve the range of stakeholders and the most effective way to manage school traffic around Blue Valley High School (BVHS). In addition to the high school, this area is also home to Stanley Elementary, residential neighborhoods, impending retail developments, and residents of unincorporated Johnson County.

The PES set the course for design. It determined one mile of 159th Street between Metcalf and Nall would need to be widened from the existing 2-or 3-lane, open-ditch road to a 4-lane, median-divided thoroughfare. Because of the ongoing traffic congestion in front of BVHS, multi-lane roundabouts were proposed at both the western and eastern entrances to the school. In addition to street and storm sewer improvements, the project includes a new traffic signal installation at Nall Avenue, LED street lighting, and permanent BMPs to improve storm water runoff quality.

The first measure of success was balancing the city’s resources in determining the “right size” roadway. The second was coordinating with BVHS to meet their traffic needs, while minimizing disruptions to their campus during roadway construction and utility relocations.


  • BMP’s were added to treat drainage and clean roadway water before it entered the stream and drained into the nearby, neighborhood ponds.
  • The finished project includes both east and westbound bike lanes to encourage alternate transportation, as well as LED street lights throughout the entire corridor.


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