Fort Riley Covered Storage Improvements

Fort Riley’s logistics storage area had limited capacity for proper bulk storage. The base needed more space to accommodate the Brigade Support Battalions (BSB), which share space with the supply operation in the same buildings. To improve the capability of the BSB to conduct supply operations and maintain a high level of readiness, an external covered hardstand was necessary to store large or bulky items. The Affinis team was selected by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to design a solution that would increase storage and keep bulk items out of the elements. We were also tasked with supporting safe loading operations day or night.

For this project, we performed the civil, structural, and electrical design for two 6,300 square foot vehicle maintenance shop hard stands and 10,000 square feet of earthwork, borrow, and fill. Supporting facilities included topographic survey, geotechnical investigation, and design of electrical service, lighting, storm drainage, and site improvements within the vicinity of the two buildings.

Now, Fort Riley has improved the BSB’s capability to perform their mission of maintenance and supply operations.

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