ITS Projects

The Affinis team has completed a number of ITS, or intelligent transportation system, projects. These efforts use communication tools to make roadways smarter, increasing capacity without adding pavement. This technique allows clients to spend less money, while seeing greater benefits.

ITS makes life easier by providing dynamic messaging and smart communication. This helps drivers make better decisions on the roadway. It also ensures agencies can provide the most current information on signs and traffic signals. In terms of communication tools, we’ve used interconnected devices, both fiber and wireless; provided information with dynamic messaging signs; created ramp metering; and gathered data with Bluetooth and video cameras.

ITS Projects:

  • I-35 and I-70 ITS Design, Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT)
  • Statewide Rural ITS Design, KDOT
  • 135th Street Ramp Metering, KDOT
  • Operation Green Light, Mid-America Regional Council

Learn more about one of our ITS projects, Operation Green Light, here.


ITS increases capacity without adding pavement, which means less materials are used. It also reduces delays, which decreases vehicle emissions.

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