Johnson Drive Improvements, Martindale to I-435

The City of Shawnee, Kansas wanted to evaluate their existing storm sewer system on Johnson Drive between Martindale and I-435. They were searching for capacity issues, as well as any deteriorated or failing pipes. They also wanted to analyze the curb inlet conditions for replacement and spread for additional inlets needed. Along with these storm sewer updates, the city planned to replace failing concrete infrastructure, resurface existing pavement, and improve pedestrian connectivity.

The improvements included a mill and overlay of the existing pavement; CMP repair and replacement; inlet repair and replacement; concrete curb and sidewalk repair and replacements; LED street lighting upgrades; and improvement of a pedestrian crossing using LED blinker signs and in-pavement lighting.

To maximize cost savings for the CMP replacement, we performed an existing pipe condition assessment from CCTV videos provided by the city. Based on the data collected, we identified pipes to be left in place, lined, or replaced. In addition, a hydraulic pipe analysis was performed to indicate where existing pipe segments were under capacity. When paired with the pipe condition assessment, this hydraulic analysis sized new pipe segments with sufficient capacity. The coordination of these two activities maximized city replacement dollars and increased efficiency.

Affinis also provided the city with multiple alternatives for pedestrian crossing signals to address safety concerns and maximize cost savings. The options included a HAWK signal, rectangular rapid flashing beacons, and an LED blinker sign with in-pavement crosswalk lights, which the city selected.

The project site twists through a major sports complex. To keep traffic moving in this busy area, we coordinated the construction schedule with WaterOne who performed water main replacements in the project area. This approach required coordination of staging areas, lane closures, and traffic control.

Affinis provided construction engineering services as well. We used the city’s E-Builder system for project management. Our team oversaw the storm sewer pipe and structure replacement; cured in-place pipe lining; curb and sidewalk replacement; pavement milling and overlay; installation of a pedestrian signal; and pavement marking.

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