Meadowbrook Park

Johnson County Parks and Recreation (JCRPD) wanted to deliver a new signature park experience to residents. Several years ago, they were presented with a unique public/private partnership. The plan was to transform a private golf course into a public park, leaving one-third for new development. The result was Meadowbrook Park.

Affinis was brought in to work on the project by the landscape architect, Landworks Studio. The original scope included the design of trails, bridges, and parking lots. Civil engineering related to the building was added later. The design team also coordinated utilities across the 84-acre park, adding them to shelters, bathrooms, and water fountains.

To deliver for JCPRD and residents, we collaborated closely with the entire team. For example, the trails and sidewalks were laid out by a landscape architect at Landworks Studio. SFS Architecture was the building designer, so we worked closely with their design team, the utility companies, and permitting agencies to make sure the project remained on schedule before construction.

Our team coordinated the earthwork and created plans for construction. Phased construction from the developments on the south half of the park meant that cut/fill quantities were always fluid. Our survey team recorded stockpiles throughout the project, and designs were adjusted accordingly.

Our structural team was also heavily involved in the design of the bridges throughout. Each bridge crosses a waterway and connects back to the extensive trail system. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they offer more connection points, allowing parkgoers to take a shorter route when desired. Learn more about this project here.

Photos Courtesy of Harmon Construction

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