Overland Park Neighborhood Streets Reconstruction Program

Every year, the City of Overland Park, Kansas invests in their infrastructure through the Neighborhood Streets Reconstruction Program (NSRP). This initiative targets residential streets that have passed their useful life and are no longer responding to routine maintenance. The 2018 project improved 5.59 lane miles of streets that abutted a city park. The scope included reconstructing the asphalt roadways with concrete pavement, replacing or adding sidewalks, replacing streetlights, and adding bike/hike trail improvements.

Within this same neighborhood, the city was awarded Johnson County Stormwater Management Program (SMP) funds for storm sewer system improvements to alleviate roadway and structure flooding. In addition to these the major system upgrades, the city also had sections of failed CMP in need of replacement. Combining the street reconstruction with storm sewer improvements and CMP replacement programs, the city minimized disruptions to residents and reduced their construction costs.
This project was the second in the annual program to reconstruct existing asphalt residential streets with concrete. After extensive analysis, the city selected concrete, because it offered a number of benefits. Some of these included lower life cycle costs, less frequent maintenance, and better sustainability attributes.

With the new concrete roadways, the City of Overland Park is able to uphold their standard for quality of life. They provided better value by saving money, reducing future maintenance, and extending the pavement life cycle.

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