Pleasant Hill Country Club Collector

Country Club Drive provided vehicle access to three public schools, the community pool, and the city soccer complex. However, it did not offer pedestrian access. To increase walkability for the area, the City of Pleasant Hill, Missouri wanted to add sidewalks and a multi-use trail to connect nearby residential neighborhoods with schools and local activities.

Affinis was selected to design these improvements along Country Club Drive. This project received federal Surface Transportation Funds, which were administered through the Missouri Department of Transportation’s (MoDOT) Local Public Agency (LPA) process. The improvements included milling and overlaying the pavement; adding or replacing curb and gutter; adding sidewalk and a multi-use trail; adding an enclosed storm sewer system; retaining walls; and signing and pavement marking. Each of which was designed to be constructed within the existing right-of-way.

In addition to providing the design, Affinis performed full-time construction inspection for the roadway improvements on Country Club Drive from Route 7 to Mulberry Street. Our lead inspector was responsible for documentation, communication, and administration in accordance with MoDOT LPA and city procedures.

These improvements provide a number of amenities to area residents. However, the benefits extend beyond this section. With the trail improvements, people can access major destinations throughout the city, moving this vibrant community forward.

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