Railroad Surveys

Railroad surveys come with a unique set of challenges. While the surveys are often familiar, the conditions are much more controlled to ensure safety. Drawing from a wealth of experience, we have daily safety meetings while on site and stay current in our certifications and training.

When working with railroads, we usually perform topographic or right-of-way surveys. The topos are used to make drainage improvements and remove water from the tracks. In contrast, right-of-ways help railroads understand which areas they need to maintain and where fences can be placed.

By performing these tasks, we are able to support railroad staff, alleviating their heavy workload. With an office in the area, we can respond quickly to requests. Below is a list of recent work.

Railroad Surveys:

  • Milestone Engineering, Right-of-Way for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF), Spring Hill, Kansas to Hillsdale, Kansas
  • Kansas City Southern Railroad (KCSR), Boundary and Planimetric Survey, Anderson, Missouri
  • KCSR, Boundary Survey, Lydia Avenue to Olive Street, Kansas City, Missouri
  • KCSR, Property Boundary Survey, Olive Street to Knoche Yard, Kansas City, Missouri
  • MultaTech Engineering, Topographic Survey, Knoche Yard, KCSR
  • MultaTech Engineering, Survey of the DSF Building in the Argentine Yard, Kansas City, Kansas, BNSF
  • MultaTech Engineering, Topographic Survey, Murray Yard, North Kansas City, Missouri, BNSF

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