Route AA / Main Street Improvements

Missouri Department of Transportation

In its original state, Route AA (Main Street) from Eagles Parkway to Walnut Street in Grain Valley, Missouri restricted regional flow and limited economic development within the city’s downtown corridor. The roadway consisted of pavement in need of repair, insufficient street lighting, and poor accessibility for pedestrians. Traffic congestion also occurred during peak hours.

For this project, Affinis designed approximately 2,200 feet of improvements to Route AA. To begin with, it was widened from the existing 2-lane, open ditch road to a 3-lane section with an enclosed drainage system. Other roadway improvements included the addition of continuous street lighting, installation of traffic and pedestrian signals, construction of a new waterline, and the adjustment of the Kansas City Southern (KCS) railroad crossing arms and signals. Along with the roadway improvements, the project included a multi-use trail, sidewalk, on-street bike lane, enhanced pedestrian crosswalks, bicycle racks, and benches.

The primary goal for both MoDOT and the city was to provide better traffic operations, while improving the economic development opportunities within Grain Valley. This project connects the commercial section of Grain Valley and downtown to the local community center. Bicyclists, vehicles, and pedestrians can now travel safely between these two areas. Improvements here increase access to local businesses and pave the way for future growth, and while it connects two important commercial areas, traffic congestion has been reduced along this thoroughfare, making life easier for commuters.

Learn how the complete street policy was used to make Route AA safer.


  • Bike lanes and sidewalks help safely connect areas of Grain Valley and provide alternate transportation.
  • Open-ditch drainage areas were enclosed, which removed existing erosion and fortified the land around the area.
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