Thornton Street Improvements

Thornton Street is a busy, east/west collector in Leavenworth, Kansas. The existing 2-lane asphalt roadway from 10th Street to 5th Avenue was in poor condition. Before refinishing it, the city wanted to ensure they were moving forward in the most effective way. They asked Affinis to perform a concept study that could determine the roadway typical section, roadway geometrics, and project costs in 2016. The study’s findings helped the city establish a plan for reconstruction. They selected Affinis to perform the design two years later.

To meet the current and future needs, this section was redesigned to include a two to three-lane section with concrete curb and gutter and a 5-foot sidewalk constructed on both sides of the street. The plans also included storm sewer system replacement and expansion to provide adequate hydraulic capacity.

To meet the city’s water quality and best management practices (BMPs), a bioswale was designed for the area within the right-of-way between 7th Street and 5th Street with more extensive BMPs proposed in the land between the city’s service center and Thornton Street. Because of the site’s size, we were able to take a more extensive, holistic approach to designing BMP solutions.

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